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My name is Christy.

But sometimes, when my mom is angry with me, I go by Xrysanthy.

I've been specialising in Conversation Design for the last five years. However, before donning this hat, I wore many others. At Associated Media Publishing I wrote for Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Good Housekeeping. I was a regular feature writer for Essays of Africa magazine, and also worked as a content and UX writer for clients of every shape and size – insurance companies, telcos, beauty brands, and then some.​

My first book, Things Even González Can't Fix, was released by NB Publishing in 2018. It's a work of non-fiction that explores sexual freedom, growing up in a wacky Greek family, and finding the strength to have the hard conversations.

My love for Conversation Design draws from all areas of my expertise. It is storytelling bolstered by human psychology and a deep understanding of the users who will be engaging with a service or product. It's the loveliest puzzle I am fortunate enough to spend my days building.

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